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Who We Are

Very proudly, we are Easton’s only woman owned insurance Agency.

An Independent Brokerage of licensed Insurance Agents specializing in Medicare Products, Life Insurance and Worksite Benefits.  A Tri-Lingual office fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese licensed in the Tri-State area and many other States Nationally  


Whether you are insurance shopping for the very first time or looking for a more competitive rate or plan, you want to feel confident that the team you depend on has your best interest in mind, not theirs.   Insurance is not a one size fits all purchase and we recognize that each individual client has different needs and circumstances.  


All of our services are provided at NO cost or obligation to you and we offer virtual, in-person and telephone consultations…we approach every opportunity to assist you the same - with your needs and comfortability being our top priority.  

Meet OurTeam

Our Broker/Owner has been serving the insurance world since 2011.

"I don't think anyone grows up with a strong desire to be in the insurance field, it's something you just fall into and you quickly realize whether or not it suits you. For me, I thrived in the environment of getting to meet new people every day. I immediately discovered that the industry itself doesn't have much appeal to most and it's typical to be met with apprehension. Right away I wanted to do what I could to change that. What can I do to change the way people view the insurance buying process? I've spent my entire career doing things differently - I take great pride in being educational, unaggressive and I'm okay taking no for an answer. If you're not comfortable, I'm not comfortable. My main goal is to ensure that you feel confident and well educated about your insurance decisions and I choose members of my team who share the same philosophy"


Kristen Pollock

Call & Text Friendly

Our Lead Agent, who provides exemplary service to customers, ensuring that they receive the best type of experience, has been servicing clients since 2019. Flo impressively speaks 3 languages - English, Spanish and Portuguese - and her home office is located in Springfield, NJ. She began her career with a focus in worksite benefits and quickly transitioned to the Senior Market after uncovering her love for helping those that seem to often be overlooked.

"I find great pleasure in helping Seniors with such a daunting and overwhelming task. There is very little assistance out there to help navigate the Medicare world and everything is changing constantly. I, too, take great pride in a casual yet well informed approach and I believe that's more of what the insurance industry needs"



Our Medicare Benefits Consultant, has been serving our Senior clients since 2020. Ally comes with an extensive background of client facing experience and her desire to make insurance more enjoyable aligned perfectly within the company.

"It really struck me to see just how often our Seniors are scammed when it comes to their Insurance, not only financially but morally as well. There's a great feeling in being transparent and open, knowing you're doing right by someone"


Allyson "Ally" Phelan

Call & Text Friendly

Our specialist in worksite benefits and senior insurance, serving our NY and Long Island communities since 2008. Walter has a successful tenure in the supplemental insurance market representing some of the Nation's leading carriers. His ability to interact with all levels of personnel in the workplace seamlessly transitioned him for the Senior insurance division.

Walter Bonilla

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